Public Affairs Committee

JLWS impacts the community with volunteers on the front line and behind the scenes to directly affect our focus areas of:

  • Educating and Mentoring Youth from birth to age 18
  • Women’s Health: Prevention of Chronic and Debilitating Diseases

Another way JLWS members affect positive change is through advocacy. Regardless of a member’s placement being a community or in-league position, all JLWS members can make a difference by staying informed, communicating with legislators, and championing solutions for problems in our community and world to ensure that all live healthy and productive lives.

Addressing the JLWS focus area in women’s health, links are provided here that assist JLWS members in becoming educated about the issues and engaged in the solutions. Challenge yourself to make a change – a change that can start right now!

You're The Cure - American Heart Association advocacy which provides national and statewide information and initiatives regarding the prevention heart disease

North Carolina Alliance for Health – an independent, statewide coalition advocating for policies that promote wellness and reduce the impact of obesity and tobacco

Please send suggestions for additional sites that promote advocacy in JLWS focus areas to so that they can be listed here.

State Public Affairs Committee (SPAC)

Junior Leagues of North Carolina State Public Affairs Committee or SPAC is the 501(c) corporation formed to advocate on matters of general civic and social welfare, to educate and to facilitate communications among its Affiliates and the public on these public issues, to provide advocacy training, and to advocate on behalf of its Affiliates on issues of general civic and social welfare at a state and national level.


Junior Leagues of North Carolina State Public Affairs Committee
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