Words of Winston-Salem (WoWS)

Words of Winston-Salem (WoWS) is an unique publication that tells the stories of the accomplished women of the Junior League of Winston-Salem (JLWS) and how they are contributing to the community and beyond. This beautiful professionally designed color publication rivals local magazines and is published annually. It has a circulation of 1500 and will include all JLWS members as well as community partners and businesses. Please click here to learn more about advertising opportunities.

Below are current and past issues of WoWS:

 Summer 2018

 Winter 2017

 WOWS 2014-2016

 Spring/Summer 2013

 Fall/Winter 2012

 Spring/Summer 2012  

  Fall/Winter 2011 

 Spring/Summer 2011


 Fall/Winter 2010

  Spring/Summer 2010 

 Fall/Winter 2009