Inclusion & Equity are a Priority at JLWS

The Junior League of Winston-Salem denounces and condemns racism and intolerance. We stand with Black communities who have endured pain over centuries of institutional racism and injustice in our country. We stand with our members and community partners who may be experiencing anger, fear, disappointment, and uncertainty with our current reality. JLWS stands with each of you.

As the nation, and our city, grapple with their responses to racial injustice, we can turn to our members and mission for guidance. JLWS is an organization of strong, diverse women committed to improving Winston-Salem through the effective action and leadership of trained volunteers; this includes speaking and acting out against racism and injustice. As leaders in our community, our actions are critical. It is our duty to educate ourselves, engage in difficult conversations, and learn from one another.

We are continuing to make efforts to be more inclusive to our members, as an organization, and to the communities that we serve. Striving toward improvement, we challenge our members to reflect on what JLWS can do to put action towards change, share their ideas with leadership, and lend their energies to efforts in the service of this work.

Elizabeth Myers, JLWS President 2019-20
Walker Jones, JLWS President 2020-21
Liz Noland, JLWS President-Elect 2020-21