Annual Fund


We are grateful to everyone who has helped us kick-off our 2022-2023 Annual Fund campaign!  We have a goal of raising $50,000 by the end of the League year.  We cannot accomplish this without your support.  Our goal is for 100% member participation. However, note that anyone can donate to the Annual Fund!

These funds go directly towards supporting the mission of the Junior League of Winston-Salem by helping us sustain our existing programs and partnerships and allowing us to invest in new opportunities and projects. These funds enhance the League beyond the capability of our membership dues.

Please contact for Annual Fund assistance or questions.

Other ways to give to the JLWS can be found on our website:


2022-2023 Annual Fund Donors

(as of 2/16/23)

Katherine Smith Reynolds Donors ($250+)

AnnaMarie Antonucci 

Kimberley Baker

Ranlet Bell

Christa Burger

Marian Douglas

Amy Egleston

Lynne Emken

Abby Freeland

Kelly Gould

Lynn Howland

Anita Sue Kurtz

Heather Mackey

Caroline Mitchell

Leigh Myers

Katheryn Northington

Becky Perkinson

Susan Pfefferkorn

Mary Twine

Debra Yancey

1923 Level ($100-249)

Lisa Aft

Beth Baldwin

Jessica Barger

Louise Bazemore

Allison Bradbury

Patricia Brown

Sarah Calder

Lucinda Calvert

Cindy Christopher

Deborah Clark

Brandi Cleveland

Mary Coan

Karen Cohn

Angela Collins

Marian Couch

Carolyn Cowan

Nan Crawford

Ann Cross

Sara Crowder

Leah Crowley

Diane Davis

Terrie Davis

Mary Jane Dewees

Rosena Dillard

Holly Earthman

Robyn Earthman

Lynn Eisenberg

Arabelle Fedora

Gene Foster

Yvonne Fus

Deborah Gardner

Sarah Griffin

Debbie Harllee

Sue Henderson

Mary Ladd Herbert

Lindsay Hodgson

Carol Holden

Marsie Hubbard

Amber Kirkman

Megan Lawson

Dee LeRoy

Debra Liu

Reid Madden

Mary Allen Martin

Loy McGill

Barbara McManus

Gayle Meredith

Andrew Nguyen

Elizabeth Noland

Anita Ogburn

Buff Perry

Louise Pollard

Allison Reaves

Marla Reece

Kristie Moesner Rhodes

Sallie Rice

Mary Roemer

Marley Russell

Pamela Saunders

Sharon Shealey

Martine Silver

Jane Smith

Allison Tullos

Elizabeth Turner

Linda Turner

Melissa Vaughn

Ann Vernon

Kathryn Vernon

Kathy Welch

Amy Witherow

Eva Wu

North Carolina Level ($75-99)

Bronwyn Flower

Meg Horvat

Salem Level ($50-74)

Nicole Abolins

Kaci Baez

Morgan Bankert

Ann Cross

Julianna Gyves

Natalie Holton

Gerri Johns

April Johnson

Barbara Kirby

Michelle Krell 

Kaye Lambert

Katie Power

Lorre Ruffin

Lindsay Sullivan

Hannah West

Heather Zifchak

Winston Level ($25-49)

Julia Bell

Sarah Blackwell

Margaret Brock

Kristen Kelly Broyles

Megan Erickson

Victoria Gentry

Adison Gregory

Tracy Hartsell

Theresa Knops

Katie Jane Lemakos

Katherine Memory

Serena Readhead

Caitlin Reavis

Elizabeth Richardson

Fowler Smith

Kate Windemuller


Jennifer Baker

Ariel Brotherton

Jennifer Corder

Katie Enscore

Kelsey Flanigan

Meagan Forbes

Anna Geras

Allison Goodson

Erin Greene

Krystal Morris

Katherine Nimmons

Kristina Peacock

Elaheh Rahbar

Heather Shilt

Amy Shively

Diane Staff

Tiffany Statler

Bailey Stinson 

Emily Swanson

Katie Jane Trosan

Grace White

Isabelle White

Erica Zackeru





Heather Zifchak